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Are you looking for a way to get your business noticed in the search results? Look no further than Autosuggest! With Autosuggest, you can dominate Google, Microsoft Bing, and YouTube’s traffic and grab the attention of users before they even hit the search results.

Autosuggest is easy to use. Try Autosuggest today and get your business seen by more people!

 Bing, Google and YouTube. 

How Autosuggest Works

Let me show you below how "Miami Roofing" is doing in monthly volume in the last 12 months.

See for yourself below this data is coming right from Google.

Miami Roofing How Keyword is doing

Now would you like to see those numbers of searches per month to see your business name and address? I bet YES!

   When you are in autosuggest, your company is seen before any of your competitors. 

The keyword phrase is a billboard to potential customers. You’re not fighting over search results, your getting the traffic before the users even hit the search result page.

It looks like Google and Bing are recommending your business – huge branding value!

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Not Sure What Autosuggest Is?

Search engines autosuggest your search to help you search faster. For example, if you search for 'personal injury attorney Boston' Google will auto complete to 'michael o. smith.

Why are they completing the search specifically for this business?

Because we conquered Search Box Optimization also called autosuggest. 

Michael o. smith is a real client! And we grab the traffic for them right from the search-box, before users ever get to the search results.

 You're probably going OMG, how do they do that?

autosuggest example
3 Places to see autosuggest

Check Out Our New YouTube Autosuggest Example Below

YouTube AutoSuggest Example

Program Details

Google indicates that 71% of all users interact with and use the Auto-Suggest feature when typing in a keyword phrase. Therefore, in our approach to marketing, we utilize what we call “SBO” (Search Box Optimization) We put your name in front of every customer while they are typing keyword phrases in the search box.

Our technology modifies the user experience by placing your company name before every potential customer when they want to purchase. When the user sees that Google and Bing are “recommending” Your Business because your name appears in the auto-suggest drop-down, they typically click your link.

Being suggested by Google and Bing by every customer looking for your product or service typically provides two significant advantages for your business;

(1) it provides the consumer confidence in your brand, and

(2) it keeps top-of-mind awareness of your business while your customers shop online.

Own the entire first page of search results.

The goal is to monopolize the user experience. Be in front of the user every time they search. Have the user see your name before they see any competitor. Then, as the user clicks your auto-complete listing, own the entire first page of search results so that you can provide as much information as possible to the potential customer as to why they should shop with or contact you.

We want every potential customer to have your brand name in front of them at every step of the purchasing process, from when they start typing in the keyword phrases to the actual search experience. To optimize the user’s experience, emphasize your company in each shopping or research process step.


Companies I Helped

Keywords Phrase Selection

The first step is to determine what your potential customers type in to find your business. Then, search Box Auto-Suggest is used to direct the customer from doing a generic search for all the stores/companies that sell a particular product or offer a specific service by inquiring about what is available at your local Store or Business.

The goal is to keep customers focused on a purchasing path that always leads to your business.

Below are a few suggested keyword phrases:

Grocery stores in (Business City)

Grocery delivery in (County)

Office Supplies Cleveland

Pharmacy Closest to 34123

Electronics stores in (ZipCode)

Garden centers in (Home City)

Pet food Stores

Pet supplies Near (City)

Clothing stores in (Zip Code)

Restaurants in Cortland

Plus many more Keyword Phrases we can suggest for you.

Service Description

In getting Google and Bing to Autosuggest your company to every person searching for your product or service, we must first show authority in your brand for your products and services. Therefore, we implement some of the basic techniques experienced SEO firms utilize to build authority between your brand and the keyword phrases in your campaign.

We make sure that our technique is entirely “white hat,” and since our process is getting the community to engage with your website, this is precisely what Google and Bing want us to do when putting content online. Therefore, our process leaves no fingerprints from our work on your company website.

The end product of our work is that Google and Bing will suggest your company to every customer searching for your products.

Implementation "Getting Started".

We only sell a keyword phrase to 1 company. Once a keyword phrase is sold, it’s gone. No competitor can hire our services to compete with you in the search box.

To get started, contact us, and we can review the program with you, check the keyword phrases, and answer any specific questions you may have regarding implementing our marketing program for your company.

Call Us:  440-990-0867

Email Us:  [email protected]

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